I’m a matron of honor in a wedding, and I was planning the bridal shower and bachelorette party?

Q: I’m a Matron of honor in a wedding. The maid of honor and I was planning the bridal shower and bachelorette party. Our plans were to have the all five us (matron, maid and 3 bridemaids) pitch in financially to make this a wonderful event. Is this a bad plan or is the matron and maid responsible financially for the bash? I have been in 3 weddings and with all 3 everyone in the bridal party pitched in. No one was left with all of the responsibility because we all wanted to bride to have a nice party. We all pitched in and helped. I’m also married and my bridal party did the same for me no certain person was left planning and paying. I just feel like everyone pitching in is a lot stressful both planning and financially, and even though I’m the matron of honor the maid and bridemaids are the bride’s sisters and they are the ones not willing to pitch in and make this a great event. For me, it isn’t financially possible to pay for the entire bash so I really don’t know what to do. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do for the bride and not cost a great deal?

A: When I was the MOH, I split the cost of the caterer with all the girls, but I paid for the decorations, favors, etc by myself. However I had a reason for doing this, I didn’t want to have to OK anything with anyone, if I paid everything was my decision and I had been planning that shower since we were in High School, so I wanted total control over the party.

If you don’t mind making it a democracy where everyone gets a say then yes, everyone can split the bill for everything shower related. Don’t go crazy though, we had our shower at a nice catering hall with a buffet lunch, and it cost each girl $128 to throw (again I paid for the rest), so it worked within each girls budget. Keep it in mind the girls financial statuses may not be as good as yours, so be sure to check with each girl personally (not in front of everyone) how much they can afford.

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