Maid of Honor Speeches

So you’ve actually been asked to give the Maid of Honor speech at the wedding! Wow – it’s incredibly exciting and a great privilege but for many the first thought is blind panic. So before you break out in a cold sweat over the thought of standing in front of a room of family, friends and guests with all eyes on you, don’t worry, there’s plenty of help available.

If it makes you feel any better, I went through all this – and I really don’t like public speaking – so I put together this site to share my personal and practical advice that could help you.

Like almost everyone else who’s been asked to give a Maid of Honor speech before to you, your mind will probably already be spinning with ideas about what to say, how long the speech should last and should it be funny.

And then, unfortunately, the doubts start to set in and you question “Can I in fact do this”? The simple answer is “Yes, you can do it!”

Let’s get started but first, try and relax, unwind and take a deep breath.

Help with your speech

There are masses of resources both online and in books that could help – I know because I ended up buying many of them! I’ve selected three main ways to get through the preparation, put together a great speech and, believe it or not, actually enjoy your part in the wedding!

To start with, let’s put this into context. You are not alone – so don’t worry, it’s not you: a fear of public speaking is one of the biggest phobias or anxieties worldwide. Sure, some people love the buzz and live to perform. I’m not one of them and since you’re reading this, I’m guessing that you’re not either.

Let’s tackle this together and you’ll find it painless, enjoyable and, best of all, will help not just in this particular situation but also give you more confidence at work or other social events.

These are my top three ways to tackle the fear and prepare then deliver the best Maid of Honor speech!

1. Self-Hypnosis to Improve your Confidence in Public Speaking

Self-Hypnosis is a proven way of dealing with phobias such as the fear of public speaking. If you can tackle your fear about public speaking, you’ll find it improves your confidence in many other situations both in personal and work situations.

So what is hypnotherapy? If you’ve ever seen a magician’s stage act where they hypnotize someone in the audience and control them against their will: this is not at all the same! Hypnotherapy is all about getting the right parts of your brain and memory to work together to remove whatever links cause the fear and so help you overcome the problem. This is normally done by first getting you into a relaxed and accepting state so that the hypnotherapist can talk directly to your sub-conscious (the bit that’s responsible for your fear) and change the internal patterns.

The audio download normally starts by getting you in to a relaxed state with music or quiet conversation; it then moves on to actions and then brings you back to the room. You often have to repeat the process several times before it starts to work but the changes can be really profound and impressive.

Self-hypnosis simply means that you’re in control of the audio playback and you decide when to listen to and repeat the messages from the professional hypnotherapist on the recording.

I’ve taken a look at a range of audio self-hypnosis products that you can download to your computer, iPod or phone and listen to at any time to help prepare you to deliver a fantastic Maid of Honor speech!

If you try self-hypnosis and want to download and use the audio program, I would suggest that you listen to it in the evening just before you go to sleep – your subconscious mind will be at its most responsive and if you fall asleep during the program, don’t worry – it’s normal and won’t impact the results (in fact, you’ll probably sleep very soundly as a result!)

2. Prepare and Write a Great Maid of Honor Speech

Are you a professional speech writer? If not, it can be hard to know how to start, how to pace the speech, how many (if any) jokes to include, and who to thank. It’ll save you a huge amount of time if you use a template speech that’s pre-written for you.

You’ve got a couple of choices:

  1. Use a free Maid of Honor speech and then edit and tailor it to your own personal requirements. You’ll find some great links to free speech templates on my links page.
  2. Since you generally get what you pay for, you might prefer to look at a professionally-written speech that’s easy to adapt to your needs. Check out this kit that helps you put together a great Maid of Honor speech written by public-speaking experts.

3. Practise Delivering your Speech

Once you’ve written your speech, practice it as many times as possible and not just in front of a mirror! Nothing beats practice in front of a live audience, so find a friend or family member who’ll sit in front of you whilst you practise giving your speech. They’ll be able to give you invaluable feedback and help you create a great, natural-sounding speech.

Lastly, try and time your speech – don’t rush it and take your time to breathe (yes, really – lots of people forget to pause and breathe, so they run out of ‘puff’ before the end of the speech).

You are going to do great, just remember: “It will be alright on the night!” Now for the Bachellorette Party. “What! No-one told you that is a part of your maid of Honor duties too?”

Good luck – you’ll be brilliant, but please keep in touch!

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